FOR THOSE THE TRUTH WILL NOT SET FREE... is a platform dedicated to exposing individuals engaged in truly vile and traumatic behavior. Our mission is to bring attention to these actions and hold perpetrators accountable.

When the law fails, this platform is available for victims to expose bullies, thieves, rapists, murderers - perpetrators of disgusting behavior.

NOTE: We take deformation seriously! No hiding behind pseudonyms or fake profiles. Everyone is entitled to dignity! You must be a real person prepared to make a sworn statement in a court of law for your claims to be aired!

This is NOT for politics!
They walk among us! - They breathe the same air...
They walk among us! - They breathe the same air...

Expose Vile Behavior

Raise Awareness

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Sometimes for healing, we need to refocus

So many books on 'how to'. Authors telling this and instructing that based on theory. Transcendence by Tristan Gibbons at is a lived experience...

Guard your heart!

Clear and refocus your mind.

Critical steps to finding purpose again...

Collaboration through honest communication, Perspective, Creativity, Common sense, and Faith

Regain your courage and strength

What about you?

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