Affidavit – Antoinette Gibbons

Unfortunate recent events have triggered a return of trauma.

To gain a better understanding of the origins of this trauma I would like police to investigate and entertain a charge of attempted murder against my mother Antoinette Gibbons whose abhorrent behaviour unknown to me at the time but suspected, triggered a course of events which led to my father’s suicide. The course of my life was dramatically changed after being charged by police with his murder and put through a witch hunt, rumour, gossip, and high court murder trial.

All this state expense and waste of police resources, as well as the recurring flashbacks of witnessing my father’s death spasms, having to deal with his failing business and massive nastiness by members of the community and extended family could and I believe would have been averted if my mother wasn’t poisoning my father over an extended period.

During my high school years, I suspected foul play by my mother but was at boarding school and so removed. I did confront her twice about it but was ignored.

Once while at university, which I couldn’t continue with because of the police charges and having to report to the local magistrates court every Monday morning, I confronted her and was told “don’t be dilly”.

Years after the court case had ended and the dust settled, I again questioned my mother to which she gleefully admitted in a gloating manner that she had been poisoning my father.

My father was a physically strong and healthy person who at times would suddenly get violently sick. These sudden onsets of serious illness had a very detrimental effect on both his quality of life and success of his business. This I believe led to his suicide and sequence of traumatic and nasty events mentioned above.

My mother had been poisoning my father by preparing and putting oleander in his food. When I questioned ‘and what else’ she shut down.

I did not pursue the matter further at the time as was trying to heal from the years of nastiness recently experienced and it wouldn’t bring my father back or change events. Sadly, my mother obviously gains enjoyment from peddling nastiness so would like for her to be held accountable to her behaviour.

I swear this statement is true and correct. Antoinette Gibbons making a sworn statement refuting this would be perjury.

Tristan Verity Gibbons

Affidavit – Izak Labuscagne of Dewetsdorp

Unfortunate recent events have triggered a return of trauma.

To gain a better understanding of the origins of this trauma I would like police to investigate and entertain a charge of stock theft against Izak Labuscagne of Dewetsdorp.

In mid-2007 while still in partnership with my brother Brent Gibbons: Izak Labuscagne both directly helped his father Fritz Labuscagne load and steal 70 head of cattle from us and benefited from the proceeds of this theft.

The investigating police at the time were furious that the prosecutor in Dewetsdorp wouldn’t prosecute the criminal case. I asked them why and was told “because they’re drinking buddies”. This response is less than acceptable.

This theft aggravated family nastiness and disgusting behaviour directed at me which resulted in my wife and I removing ourselves to Australia to escape unprecedented vile trauma.

My mother Antoinette Gibbons did pursue Fritz Labuscagne in a civil case on behalf of our family and court judgement was passed in our favour. Not one cent of this theft has been paid.

I questioned Fritz directly where our money was and was told: “Sorry, I need to help Sakkie” meaning Izak his son. This can be confirmed by the investigating police and Mario Kruger who was in the police at the time and questioned Fritz on our behalf.

On the 31st of December that year I was phoned by Izak Labuscagne and given multiple death threats. When I called him out for his involvement in the theft, he first tried to deny it. After I pointed out that he couldn’t deny his involvement he backtracked and resorted to insulting me and laughing and gloating about the theft. Saying things like: “what are you going to do about it dom Soutie, jou fokken dom Soutie. Fokken dom Sout piel. Ha ha, lekker hof sake coming up this year...” I lost count of the number of times he said he was “going to kill me, going to fucking kill me” and the other insulting language referring to me as a “fokken dom Soutie, dom Sout piel and fokken Rooinek”.

This theft of cattle was a theft of my livelihood. It has caused unprecedented trauma. To call this behaviour disgusting is an understatement. It is criminal and I would like for Izak Labuscagne to explain himself and his behaviour in a court of law.

I swear this statement is true and correct. Izak Labuscagne making a sworn statement denying or refuting this behaviour and theft would be perjury.

Tristan Verity Gibbons

Affidavit – Wilemien Steyn/Gibbons

Unfortunate recent events have triggered a return of trauma.

To gain a better understanding of the origins of this trauma I would like police to investigate and entertain a charge of theft of property by Wilemien Gibbons. As well as Wilemiens role in vandalism of property at Ridgewater Farm. And why she feels entitled to remain in possession of and continue to benefit from the stolen property? Still in her possession.

Firstly, could she please explain to a court, if possible, what the words “Maar n kaffir bly n kaffir” mean? A quote favoured by Wilemien Steyn/Gibbons. My Brother Brent Gibbons was killed in a farm murder. These murders do not happen in isolation without cause. He married a racist and by doing so embraced racism. That statement that I heard multiple times spew from her lips to shock people or change conversation to something she’s more familiar with sums up why he’s dead. To confirm I’m not fabricating this statement you can question her ex-husband Robert Milne and other members of the community.

It is clearly racist. Why it is important to me that she is held accountable is at the time of my brother’s death I made a huge sacrifice for the sake of their children. It has sadly become obvious that this massive sacrifice, an act of goodwill that I demonstrated in the hope of family healing for the sake of both our children has only reinforced disgusting attitudes of greed with myself being thanked by more theft and insult. As children learn behaviour by blind copying people especially their parents, that sacrifice I made would be wasted if they are going to learn these same disgusting racist attitudes and behaviours of greed, spite, theft, and nastiness. If she is confronted on this filth which has spewed from her mouth then hopefully, she’ll not utter these or any other racist words again.

I say greed and spite because the level of vandalism, destruction, and removal of fixed infrastructure at Ridgewater Farm by Brent Gibbons, aided by his wife Wilemien is off the charts disgusting. Obviously driven by the vilest intent of greed, malice, and nastiness. A continuation of the disgusting behaviour demonstrated by both Brent and Wilemien in the years before I departed to Australia whereby, they were both trying to work me out of my own business driven by greed. I was given death threats repeatedly by Brent Gibbons and physically and mentally taunted and bullied. Wilemien played a significant role in this abuse.

There is an extensive yet still incomplete list of stolen property and description of vandalism of fixed infrastructure which I emailed her accountant and advisor Bennie Sahd of Queenstown. This is not including the massive Fraud and theft of my livestock which my brother Brent subjected me to, and Bennie Sahd facilitated the perpetuation of. Sadly, I was dismissed at the time by police twice, once for stock theft and once for assault being told they didn’t want to “get involved in a familie saak”.

Stolen items Wilemien is still in possession of consists of tractors, trailers, cattle and sheep kraals, concrete water troughs, feeders, fencing, and irrigation piping ripped out of the ground. An extensive list of implements and equipment. I pointed out that this property stolen is mine and NOT part of Brents estate as she claimed.

That they even pulled out the submersible water pumps, removed sheds, destroyed the lambing camps, and made the irrigation lands unusable is indication of the extent of vandalism and theft which has over the years cost me hugely in lost income.

When I questioned the return of some property and that maybe she could assist with the fixing of the vandalism was referred to Bennie Sahd, who has not given a reply even after many months.

She informed me that she sold the property. I pointed out that selling stolen property and pocketing the money is a criminal offence. Dismissed with the words “I’m a fighter”. Garbled words about “after the fact” and “speak with Bennie Sahd”.

I would like her to explain to a court why she feels entitled to continue this criminal behaviour? And remain in possession of stolen property? Theft is theft, vandalism of property is vandalism of property. Both disgusting. Both illegal.

Denying knowledge thereof would be a lie as my gun safe which they illegally removed with sledgehammers and crowbars was stolen out of her house. The police know about this.

She remains in possession of and makes use of my stolen property even after I have requested return of or compensation for this property. Her mother Corien Steyn played a significant role in the extensive fraud my brother committed. Much of the stolen property taken from Ridgewater farm remains in her and Wilemiens possession on their farm Fonteintjie. She played a significant role in the illegal sale of stolen property taken from Ridgewater farm.

Julian Southey who has been leasing Ridgewater has indicated he does not want involvement. However, he did witness and comment on much of the theft and vandalism of property that took place at Ridgewater farm. So therefore, can confirm my statement.

Wilemiens behaviour confirms the words of Jesus in Mathew 7:6 – don’t “cast your pearls before swine” However if I had sought justice and compensation at an earlier time without first trying amicable solution her children would have grown up in a much poorer and more bitter household. As their uncle I obviously wished for the best outcomes for them. Why I emphasise again that Wilemien is held accountable for her criminal behaviour.

I swear this statement is true and correct. Wilemien or her mother making sworn statements refuting this would be perjury.

Tristan Verity Gibbons

SAPS have copies and access to the originals. What they do with it is their business. I care only about exposing this vile behavior and holding these individuals accountable.
Not justice - That's the courts job
Not revenge - That's for God
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